Sunday, July 22, 2007

Solum Ipsum and the Philosophers’ Incest

Karlo Z. Valois

If there was one single person who saw what I do, willed what I do and did what I must, it would mean that I have become One, ready to leave behind existence.
Yet: everybody sees what I do, wills what I do and does what I do, but from different angles, representing -temporarily- different aspects. These aspects are my ideas. They exist in such large quantities because I forgot to exercise control over the Virgin's promiscuity. My father made my mother, whom I have been entering since there is time, turning myself into my father. She is birthing me tirelessly and the time is close when I will fully dominate her, the Pure Virgin; at the moment she is fully mine, in the sweetest death, I will be fully myself again.

This is my secret: nobody knows this besides me; everybody only relates to this. The various degrees to which they relate to this, establishes the hierarchy and the diversity of the one principle: myself.

It's easy to see that the teaching, that says that each and everybody must be liberated for me to be liberated, does not mean that I go out and "illuminate others”.
This would be impossible for two reasons: First, if I saw „others” as non-I (heteron), how could I tell them about the I (auton)? Second: I can not teach myself to be I: I am already I: I must only remember it.
So the teaching simply means that on the path of metaphysical realization I eliminate that, which is not I (which I perceive to be a heteron), i.e. I fully remember that, which I am, will myself and do my will.
In that moment, in absolute dominion, active and radiating, my sight, my will and my act becomes One, and the Virgin will be dead.