Friday, August 24, 2007

Brief note on the metaphysics of love

Karlo Z. Valois
All relations between numbers reflect the relationship between the metaphysical zero and One.
The only exception is the relationship between the metaphysical zero and Two, since Two was the first step from the metaphysical zero that preceded realization, the principle of which is being One. This Two is the negative Two. Can’t be realized by itself. Anti-existence. Pure potential. Absolute relative. Absolute nothing.
The second step of metaphysical zero is One.
The relationship between the Metaphysical Zero and -2 with the mediation of One results in positive (+) Two.
The principle of One is the Metaphysical Zero (MZ), while the principle of +2 is -2, which is the anti - principle, and as such, it can’t be realized (by itself). The manifestation of this void (with the mediation of One) is the woman. Therefore without the MZ (the principle of One) and One (man) the woman (+2, Sophia) can’t be realized.
There is tension between the Metaphysical Zero and -2. This tension is reflected in Life, since this tension is what, in the course of realization, becomes the foundation of life. One, as a principle contains this tension, which from One’s “perspective” becomes a drive; this drive is what creates +2.
The relationship between the +2 and -2 without One (man) is destruction resulting in 0 (not MZ!).
Since One contains all potentials, is undivided and non-manifest, it is referred to as the Whole. It is present in all other numbers (manifest existence): all numbers can be divided by One.
The opposite of the Whole is the Fragment. It is the opposite, because the Fragment is a reflection of the broken Whole, thus it is the result of deterioration, decline. In the case of One these words are not precise because they imply time (as both refer to a gradual process), whereas fragmentation was the factor that gave birth to Time.
A fragment relates to the whole the same way an individual relates to the person. Similarly to how current perception of the number sequence views each number as an isolated (closed) unit (as opposed to one that is the sum total of all previous ones, originating from them), that is void of all and any quality and only represents a quantitative “value”, individuals today are isolated and closed, rigid and fragile. The style of interaction between them is harsh and hard. This harshness can be seen on the faces of “success” man and women who define success by pathetic quantitative measures. These people of no quality can also be recognized by a short attention span, by being disrespectful (the foundation of respect is the realization that you are I, i.e. the whole), but mostly by uncontrolled, impulsive behaviour, which are subordinated to perceived opportunities. They are always busy, active for the sake of being active because they perceive activity as a “successful” style element. They have no value/quality and thus they could be/are placed anywhere in the number sequence without any order (any number may equal any other with the introduction of pseudo numbers: equality). Once the order disappears pseudo numbers multiply in the sequence (like adding water to wine), which is the same as pseudo personality, which is essentially today’s individual, who has nothing real in their life, everything is the opposite of what they want them to be. Without the ability to see the true connection between numbers (people), nobody can be considered a person, only an individual.
Persons who can see true connections and are sensitive to the nature of the whole can also see the order and their place in it.
Individuals that are closed to others are cut off from the order (harmony, aesthetics). They are desperate to live, they are thirsty for life (tension), yet they confuse life with boredom. They are pseudo numbers.
Persons who see order appreciate quality and the healthy (necessary) dose of quantity. Individuals mistake quantity for quality. This is how art has become industrial design, dragged down to the level of practicality and this is how love has become pornography.
The Greek definition of the word pornography means writing about prostitutes. Pornography and quantity are analogous terms. They eliminate quality/value/context and put the focus on irrelevant factors. Such bias is expressed in some languages even today, in the words kurva, curva (referring to prostitutes) that derive from Latin, meaning bias, detour, away from the straight line (One, man…), the essence. Prostitution was the direct result of an intellectual deterioration that first surfaced on the periphery of the traditional hierarchy, first among the “outcasts” who were positioned below the lowest caste. Outcasts were rightfully considered subhuman.
Pornography is an irrelevant, unimportant factor since it is merely an act/activity without actual (higher) context. People today are fascinated merely by the act of unification, which puts them on a level that is not much different from most species of animals. This is of course no surprise, since man has put animals into his imagination (his most powerful creative force) following Darwin’s subhuman idea. This fascination with the surface (consequence of an invisible cause) is comparable to people who think that if they dress like a king they will become kings, or live under the mantra of “fake it till you make it”, etc. This is easy to see in the media, where rap “stars” dress in furs that real kings would refuse with disgust, put gold on their neck (thinking this is royal), all the while talking about doing anything for money (that has no value), succumbing to the tendency of inflation of value and prostitution.
Any activity may be looked at from above or from below.
Performing an activity from above means that the activity is a living symbol of the context it depends on and gets its meaning from. Any activity could be performed from above: crafts, cooking, trade, theatre (acting) and of course sex. When it comes to various crafts, the worker is working on the realization of an ideal that does not yet exist in actuality, realizing his potentials, starting with range of potentials he is born with. He has a clear concept and while making a vase for example, the worker lives close to absolute reality, in a high tension, high intensity “field” where time doesn’t exist, only the ideal and the drive towards realization. The movements of the craftsman are controlled and reflect eternal laws. The craftsman is a symbol (person) himself and not an individual.
Performing in a theatre captured this symbolism even more closely. The individual actor’s task is to put on an eternal mask (persona). The mask (living symbol of the ideal) is real, the actor is not, thus the actor must become the mask. The magic is the transformation in isolation: separation. This transformation equals accelerated actualization that otherwise takes a lifetime to achieve. Once the core of the mask already represents the actor’s centre, the naked actor (void of all traces of individuality) starts putting on layers of clothes, each layer corresponding to clean characteristics that eventually make up the character on stage (he is building the character). The concept of the theatre eliminates time, the whole experience is close to absolute reality (field, space) where the audience is an active (conscious) participant, an important symbol within the field. Once the transformation is complete the field becomes real, elevating the participants to higher levels of existence.
Similarly to theatre sex is symbolism as well. The goal is transcendence (elevation) above an existing state (except for special cases of orgiastic rituals, where the goal is submerging into the undifferentiated state, into -2, with the purpose of re-emerging again). Before unification separation must take place. Both man and woman prepare for the act alone.

Before sex man activates the Absolute within himself, intensifies his essential self, the control above power, realizing the masculine principle: this means, that depending on his status (level), he lifts the masculine principle from potentiality to virtuality, or from virtuality to actuality. After this the man is ready, he radiates like the sun, his body (by now the only feminine factor) is left to the woman, since it is her domain.
Bathing has special significance in the preparation of the woman. Before bathing the woman takes off her clothes, the symbols of the individual woman (in a way the same layers the actor is putting on), removing everything that is not divine. Just like the man, who returns to the origin when preparing, the woman returns to the pure, clear source of woman. Everything she sees around her: water, the moon, her body, are the manifestations of this source. She is prepared to feel One.
The starting point is the end, the circle is closed. Every act that is to follow happens in this context. Every act is a symbol, recreating the first act of realization (One after -2), achieving the intensity of higher existence, complete acceptance and absorption (-2 accepting MZ through One), complete dominance (entering -2) and after the crisis of separation (2) complete harmony, absolute realization (3).
Performing an activity from below means that the “performer” is cut off from the context, they are unaware and blind. Thus they either act as animals (closed to the higher, open to the lower -instincts) or even worse, they act as machines where both the higher intellect and instincts are cut off and people are subordinated to the execution of certain tasks (sex or data entry, etc.).
The modern office is such a monstrous environment. Its origin (its highest point) is already on sub human levels and the only way from there is down (mechanization).
People often think that they have work and they have life. Truth is that their life is also subordinated to functions only. No surprise that they are thirsty for romance, or anything that resembles life or even the reflections of it. In such an environment there is no differentiation, there are no men and no women. The office created machines with animal instincts -at best. Higher love in such an environment is an anomaly, a human miracle. Interactions are inflated, lacking any substance and this applies to “life” as well. When a man(image) and a woman(image) want each other, it is mostly subordinated to hormones. But even this low level promiscuous “office love”, is better than an absolute mechanized interaction, which is the very likely next step.
Once quantity was measured with real value (gold) prostitution was born (subordinating the superior to the inferior). Before prostitution there was no pornography.
Today money has no real value (gold backup). It is incapable of measuring value. Inflation, prostitution, pseudo numbers, individuals: analogous terms maintaining a world of illusions, reflections.
Persons, who see themselves and others as part of the whole, containing the whole, polarize around the principles of the absolute man and the absolute woman. They radiate and they magnetize. Since they are always radiating (man) or magnetizing (women), the modern definition of love (confused with lust which is conditional and temporary), which is based on mostly physical factors, doesn’t apply to them.
Since they are so few in numbers (representing real numbers), they rarely meet and when they do, their meeting is always powerful. Such a meeting of course may happen between a man and a woman, between men and between women.
Such meetings between men and women are experienced as love. This love is superior, where the quantitative elements are subordinated to the qualitative ones (both are present however, which in plain English means that sex/unification may look like what people think of as pornography but only to the inferior individual who sees pornography in everything, because senseless acts without context are the context of their life). True love has nothing to do with the feeble brainchild of modernity, which invented romance because it no longer possessed the intellectual capacity to understand the symbolism of true love. This love enables the initiation of woman and the realization of the absolute man, so it combines/unites the forces of nature with the foundations of existence. Such love is indescribable. It is earth moving, overwhelming, timeless and unbearable for a mere individual.
Unlike lust, which is materialistic and dies with exhaustion, such love can only die if the man is deteriorating and takes in feminine tendencies. True men know this and rightfully consider allowing any feminine tendencies a fatal mistake. This is why for example men don’t (like to, feel embarrassed to) cry (water, lunar, feminine, emotional, subordinated, uncontrolled).
True love is unconditional. This doesn’t mean that “I love you no matter what”. This means that the tension that a man lives in is constant with or without women and the tension women live in is constant even when there is no man present. Both the (absolute) man and woman are constantly in love.
Such a woman’s attraction factor is undeniable. She attracts. She attracts both inferior and superior man.
In her interactions with inferior man such woman is in control and is superior. Such a man can’t resist her smile, kindness, lightness, freshness, attentiveness, etc: the style elements of a woman in love. He sees something divine and confuses it with something that is within reach for him -to possess. …Just like the rap star who thinks that Gold, the symbol of the Sun, One, Time, Dominance is within reach for him; so he puts gold, which he bought by idiotic prostitution, on his neck, not realizing that he is still a thief and he smears what he stole with mud. Today even a superior woman often submits to such an inferior man. This is a sign of deterioration, when the potentially absolute woman is influenced by the negative tendencies of the environment (sentimentalism, not to be alone, to be “happy”, etc.). Once such submission occurs she is no longer superior and the love she felt before the submission degenerates and such a man will drag her down to the level of pornography. The woman will no longer be in love, which previously was her reality; she will live under the illusion of happiness, which is unrealizable in such an environment. This is the ultimate rape: the woman rapes herself with the assistance of an inferior man (inferior man means man-image: not real man).
In her interactions with a superior man the constant tension (love) intensifies. Subordination is natural and harmonious and giving herself fully helps her realize all potentials available to women. The conditions for separation, preparation, burning and retracting to the root are in place and the transformation may begin.
Such meetings between men are experienced as friendship. Since the superior man is essential, single, independent and intellectual/spiritual (direct relationship with the Metaphysical Zero) true, unconditional friendship is only possible among such men, and it lasts a lifetime.
“A man never forgets his friends…” (Bela Hamvas)
The number of the woman is 2, thus such meetings between women maybe experienced in two ways:
- as respect (the respect of wisdom in the other---Sophia) or
- love (Sappho). Love between such women is different from the sexual contact between “man hating” lesbians, where there is typically a “pseudo male representative” in place. Love between true women completely excludes/refuses pseudo (inferior) man while readily accepts the absolute man. In such a relationship the constant love may not intensify to such a degree that a man triggers, but since the focus is on the absolute woman and constant love, this is a much preferable scenario to a (potentially) absolute woman submitting to an inferior man. Woman, love and life are analogous terms:
“…a woman never forgets her lovers”. (Bela Hamvas)